It is very important that you perform fire alarm system drills as required by your local authorities and code. If you have a remotely monitored system, use these steps to ensure a safe test while not creating a false alarm dispatching your local fire department.

1.  Call your UL Listed Monitoring Station and tell them “I would like to place my fire alarm system on test.”  They will ask for your account# and then your verbal pass code.

2.  Press the button on your fire alarm system that says fire drill.

3.  Walk outside to your designated meeting area and write down the time and count of people.

4.  Go to the fire alarm panel and push the acknowledge button, then the Silence button, then push the Reset button.

5.  Give the go ahead for everyone to come inside.

6.  Check to make sure everyone is safely inside then Call your Monitoring Station and tell them “Please take our system off of test.”

By following these steps you will have completed a safe fire drill and made sure that our busy firemen and women are responding to real emergencies not false alarms that could have been prevented.